Aleksey Botyarov 2008


Denver, Colorado


SQL Database Developer / Data Analyst with over 20 years experience in IT industry.

     SQL Database Development, modeling, designing, data normalization, building, tuning and optimizing databases and tables.

     I worked with SQL Server for over 7 years, T-SQL, running queries, writing stored procedures, triggers.

     I have over 20 years using SQL language and enjoy writing complex queries.I want to mention that SQL language is my way of thinking. I strongly believe that SQL language itself is the best analytical tool.Your own creativity is the only limit to what you can achieve with it.

     I have over 20 years of Relational Database SQL Development experience, starting in Moscow, Russia back in 1980s with Dbase, FoxBase and Clipper, then in US since 1993 with R-Base, Access, Visual Basic, VBA, and later with FoxPro and SQL Server.

     I have over 10 years experience with Crystal Reports, and other reporting tools, doing Data Analysis, designing and creating reports, using complex algorithms & formulas.

     I have many years experience working with legacy systems, ETL data conversion with SQL Server, FoxPro and Access Databases.

     I did ColdFusion Web Application Development for over 7 years.I have good understanding of principals and concepts of object oriented design and development.I also worked in .NET environment.

     I have Masterís degree in Computer Science from Moscow Aviation University and Bachelorís degree in Finance/Accounting from Moscow Financial University.

     I am comfortable working independently as well as in a team-based Agile development environment.

     I have strong written and verbal communication skills. I work hard and learn fast.